• Medical Revolution in India

    Medical Revolution:

    As we know that India is one of the 3rd largest countries in the world and no doubt the population of India is widely spread in a large area. But somehow India is facing lots of difficulties and problems in health care system. After the revolution of Medical, the health care system is totally changed and independent. The innovation of digital access reduce the physical server and now Indian health care service is growing with the passage of the time. Now India is considered a third largest healthcare market in the world.

    High Budget Treatment:

    If we talk about the medical treatment in hospitals, then the majority of private hospitals are providing best health care services in their hospital and clinics. But People who belong to lower class they do not afford the too much budget and the fee for private hospitals. Now the biggest challenge in medical to make the private clinic and hospitals treatment affordable for all people. If we talk about today health care service, then patients need immediate treatment of the problem. Government sectors hospitals which are not well equipped and do not have enough beds for patients also become reasons for death each year in India.

    Online Pharmacy Model:

    The advancement of modern technology also introduced the model of online pharmacy in India. It helps the patients to secure their mediation by uploading a photocopy of the prescription. It is less in the cost in which pharmacy deliver the same to the patient place.

    Lack of Diseases:

    The sanitation of poor water, environmental factors, and poor living conditions also become the cause of lack of diseases in the country. Many times lack of some other social problems also become the cause of diseases. As compare to rural areas urban people face many difficulties in health care issue because they have small clinics. Small clinics do have the good machinery to cure the diseases and good infrastructure. If we see the present healthcare system of India, then It is improved more probably as compare to previous health care system. It is one of the outstanding achievement in the field of medicine. In future hope, so better outcomes can get. Top NEET coaching centers in India are preparing the students for future health care services.

    Online Doctor Consultation:

    Online doctor consultation is a technology-based system. The accessibility of online doctor consultation only becomes possible with the tools of modern technology like telephone, mobile chat, email, and video conference. The online doctor consultation 24 hours available for patients through video chats and in written medical advice. Different social media websites also provide the free consultation of online doctors for patients. On online sites, doctors only provide effective recommendations and advice to patients. From past few years, India is working very hard for best health insurance plans and policies in India.

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